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Pl. de l´Església, 3, Barbens - 25262
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The economy of Barbens depends on different sectors. 40% of the active population is employed in the primary sector and the rest in the industry and services, which has a very similar percentage of working population. It can be considered that most of the ... + info
The main crops are cereals (maize and wheat) and fruit (apple and pear), which occupy a quarter of the land and there are also alfalfa crops.?Starting with Barbens, orchards belonging to other municipalities, such Anglesola, Tornabous and Bellpuig, are cu ... + info
Livestock farming complements the agriculture and it is principally focused on the breeding of pigs, despite the fact that it also highlights the beef.?The poultry, which had been important and the sheep have virtually disappeared.
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The industry is represented by some family enterprises, which include two building companies.
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